Spring – a must visit time to Deep Creek National Park



Anyone who has stayed with us before will know that Spring is a truly magical time to visit Deep Creek National Park.

After the winter rains a lush green canopy covers the landscape.




Creeks flow freely and the Deep Creek Waterfall is beguiling in its reflective serenity.





Best of all is the profusion of wildflowers on display.  Birds take full advantage of the dinner options on offer.





Of particular note are the stunning orchids that can be found along many of the trails.  Although subtle in size their intricate design is a work of art.





Would you like to experience this sensory feast? Why not stay a few days.

Our accommodation is in the heart of this stunning National Park surrounded by natural beauty.

Best of all we it’s just 90 minutes south of Adelaide.





To make a booking you can jump online or give us a call to check for availability on Tel. 08 85984169.



Ridgetop Retreats Deep Creek

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