Photography & art


As with photography landscape art is readily inspired by nature’s splendour whether it’s the sheer vastness of sweeping panoramic coastal vistas or the delicate petal structure of a tiny wildflower.

Artwork of coastline at Deep Creek Conservation Park
Art by Geoff Pearce. Used with permission. “Looking toward the cliffs near Marina St Vincent, Wirrina Cove”.

Here too the Deep Creek Conservation Park’s topography and seasonal variations provide a rich palette of colour and subject choice. Keen artists may be further inspired by the annual Fleurieu Art Prize, the world’s richest landscape painting prize.


A park that covers in excess of 4000 hectares of unspoilt rugged coastline and natural vegetation is bound to present endless photographic opportunities.  Throw in abundant wildlife and ever changing weather patterns and you have a recipe for inspirational images.

Keen photographers know that preparation and patience can produce extraordinary results and over the years many visitors have captured their own magic moment in Deep Creek Conservation Park.

Southern Ocean Fleurieu Peninsula
Panoramic views of the Deep Creek coastline and Southern Ocean on a perfect day.

Some ‘high yield’ opportunities include;

  • Grazing kangaroos at sunset at Tapanappa Ridge or Goondooloo Ridge
  • Autumn fog amongst Xanthorrea in the Stringybark forest
  • Deep Creek waterfall late morning when available sunlight is at its best
  • Wildflowers along the spring wild flower walk and Boat Harbour circuit walk
  • The descent from Cobbler Hill to Blowhole beach with views to Kangaroo Island
  • Intricate diversity of fungi during winter along the Stringybark loop walk
  • Expansive vistas of the Southern Ocean and Pages Islands from Tapanappa Lookout