Things to do

You’ve sorted out when and where you are staying but aren’t sure how to fill your days? Here are some ideas to help plan your holiday.  The list is by no means exhaustive but should hopefully inspire you.  Don’t forget to consult the drop down menus at the top of the page for further suggestions including nearby attractions.  Have fun!

Dolphins at Boatharbor

Spot the dolphins’ – There are at least 2 known pods of dolphins living along the coast between Fisheries Beach and Tunkalilla Beach.  The resting seat above Boat Harbor beach is an amazing vantage point from which families of up to 50 dolphins can often be spotted.

‘Every story has a silver lining’ – Nearby Talisker Conservation Park gives you an insight into the lifestyle of Cornish miners and their families who lived and worked at this silver lead mine during the 19th century.

‘On your bike!– Whether you are a serious mountain biker or just enjoy the occasional pedal Deep Creek Conservation Park offers cyclists a wealth of choice in tracks.  Ask us about suggested routes

‘Lunch at the waterfall’ –  The secluded Deep Creek waterfall flows throughout the year and is a fantastic spot to have a bite to eat,  reflect and be mesmerized by the sound of cascading water. It even has its own ‘hanging rock’ – picnic anyone?

‘Flashy fungi feed our forest floor’ – Neither plant nor animal this fascinating organism plays a vital role in the health of the forest habitat.  Did you know that there are over 247 different species of fungi in Deep Creek Conservation Park making it one of SA’s “hot spots”.  Visit our photo gallery to see the startling diversity in shape, size, and colour or better still, do the Stringybark walk to experience it first hand.   See our separate page on fungi for more details.

‘Catch of the day’ – There are a myriad of fishing options both within and near Deep Creek Conservation Park depending on your preference.  Whether you like rock fishing for salmon and whiting at Blowhole Beach, the elusive mulloway at Tunkalilla Beach, tommy ruff at Rapid Bay jetty or squid at Second Valley jetty you are spoilt for choice.

‘A kaleidoscope of colour’ – Choose from either the spring wildflower walk or the upper reaches of the Boat Harbor Circuit hike during winter and spring to witness an amazing diversity of colour when wild flowers are in bloom.  Photographers and artists alike relish in the opportunities that this canvas provides.

‘Chasing the Adrenalin rush?’ – Deep Creek’s varied landscape lends itself to a range of adventure games.  For surfers there are good sand breaks at Boatharbour and Blowhole while on a calm day the western rock ledge at Blowhole Beach is a treasure trove for snorkelers.  Rogaining (long distance cross country navigation) is increasing in popularity and Deep Creek is the perfect stage for this head sport.  The Park’s sheer cliffs and updrafts also create ideal conditions for hang gliders and para gliders.