Explore Deep Creek National Park on foot

The scenery in Deep Creek Conservation Park is a feast for your eyes. Dense forests further inland gradually give way to open scrub along coastal ridges that reveal spectacular panoramic views across the sea.

As you cast your eye across this open expanse the thought occurs that there is nothing but open water between here and Antarctica. Fill your lungs with the fresh air rolling in from the Southern Ocean. It’s among the cleanest you’ll find anywhere on earth.

For those wanting to experience a truly memorable walking adventure why not consider our fully guided 3-day and 4-day walks. These walks incorporate the most spectacular sections of the Heysen Trail between Cape Jervis and Victor Harbour and include guides, accommodation, all meals and beverages and daily transfers back to our accommodation. For more details please follow this link

Although many of the attractions in the Park are accessible by car you will be rewarded for your efforts if you choose one of the many trails. The walks in Deep Creek Conservation Park are graded according to terrain, length and level of fitness required.

Times indicated are generous but will allow you to fully appreciate the scenery (For full details download this bushwalking map pdf). Here are some of the highlights;


Stringybark Forest Trail Deep Creek Conservation Park

Stringybark loop walk (30 minutes return)

A short walk amongst tall trees and delicate ferns.  These stringybark trees are some of the oldest in South Australia.  During winter a variety of delicate fungi are also on display.  Picnic tables are located at the start of the walk and provide a shady vantage point from which to observe a variety of birds. 

Eucalyptus forest canopy on hiking trail

Forest Circuit Walk (1 hour return)

This gentle walk takes you past clusters of ancient Xanthorrea (grass trees) as well as tall stringybark forest.  Mystical fogs frequently settle amongst the trees during late summer and autumn creating a gorgeous canvas for photographers.

Wildflowers national park south australia

Spring Wildflower walk (2.5 hours return)

To get an insight into the rich diversity of wildflowers this walk is a must especially during late winter and early spring. Vivid splashes of colour from across the spectrum can be found amongst intricate plants with delicate petal structures.

Goondooloo ridge hiking trail Deep Creek

Goondooloo Ridge walk (2 hours return)

If you are keen to see large mobs of kangaroos this easy walk is a must.  Along the way you will also enjoy great views of Backstairs Passage and the Pages Islands.


Deep Creek Waterfall hiking trail

Deep Creek Waterfall hike from TentRock Road (2 hours return)

One of the most popular trails in the Park this hike leads to a year-round waterfall which is the perfect spot for a reflective lunch.  This walk forms part of the famous Heysen Trail and has some wonderful lookout points across the gulleys towards Deep Creek Cove.

Deep Creek Cove hiking trail

Deep Creek Cove hike from Trig Picnic Area (2.5 hours return)

Spectacular views of the Southern Ocean are on offer along this trail.  The ‘rusty’ hues of flowering heaths against a deep blue sea provide a stark and memorable contrast.  The walk descends to a secluded cove where the mouth of Deep Creek finishes its winding journey to the ocean.

Talisker lead mine trail deep creek

Talisker Silver Lead Mine Hike (1.5 hours return)

Interpretive signs enable you to re-create life in this 19th century mining settlement.  Located in nearby Talisker Conservation Park this hike gives you an insight into the ingenuity and hardships endured by Cornish miners and their families.


Boat Harbor trail Deep Creek Conservation Park

Boat Harbor Circuit Hike (4 hours)

The upper reaches of this hike which incorporates the Heysen Trail takes you through mature pink gum forests before descending to open grassland.  The bench that overlooks Boat Harbor beach is a must for dolphin spotting and to marvel at nature’s majesty.

Aaron Cove walking trail Fleurieu Peninsula

Aaron Creek Hike (6 hours)

Starting gently along Goondooloo Ridge with its abundant kangaroo population this hike follows the Aaron Creek as it works its way towards the Southern Ocean.  Great views across Backstairs Passage towards Kangaroo Island are on offer before the trails drops down to a small rocky cove from where seals can often be spotted.

Deep Creek Circuit trail Fleurieu Peninsula

Deep Creek Circuit Hike (7 hours)

The big one.  If you are adventurous and fit this is the walk you’ll want to do.  Taking in some of the best scenery in the Park including the waterfall and Deep Creek Cove this hike has it all. Difficulties may be experienced crossing Deep Creek during wet weather and should not be attempted when in flood.