Adventure therapy


All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking – Frederick Nietzsche


Popular wisdom has it that being immersed in nature is good for us but did you know

that there is now a scientific basis to support that claim?

Professor David Strayer, a cognitive psychologist from the University of Utah

has found that after a few days off grid surrounded by nature our brains show

a significant functional improvement in tasks such as problem solving.

Our digital lifestyle constantly taxes and over-stimulates the pre-frontal cortex

of our brain which deals with problem solving.  This often leads to fatigue and

so it’s no surprise then that a few days with nature improves our capacity to think clearly.


In awe and blissfully relaxed after a few days with nature


It was Nietzsche who said that “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”

By measuring brain waves of participants who had been in beautiful natural surroundings

for 3 days Prof Strayer was able to demonstrate that different neuronal networks

became active when out in nature that are suppressed in our urban environment (the “3-day effect”).


The soothing sound of cascading water


After a few days the senses re-calibrate and you start to smell and hear things

you didn’t before, producing a transformational change.

So it’s official; being surrounded by natural environments is not just incredibly

enjoyable and rewarding, it’s actually good for your physical and mental well-being.

Surely that is an offer too good to refuse!


Can you think of a better way to re-calibrate the senses?


 If you feel like some adventure therapy be sure to visit Deep Creek Conservation Park

or better still, why not join us on the Southern Ocean Walk.

Well known South Aussie makes amazing discovery

Last month we had a visit from a well-known local, Andrew Costello,

better known as Cosi from South Aussie with Cosi.

Amazingly for someone who has travelled the length and breadth

of our State Cosi had never been to Deep Creek Conservation Park.


He was gobsmacked by the beauty of the Park and

couldn’t believe something so stunning was that close to Adelaide.

Cosi’s passion for all things South Australian is obvious

the moment you meet him and he is a great ambassador for our State.

South Aussie with Cosi in Deep Creek COnservation Park

Cosi on location in Deep Creek Conservation Park

The segment featuring Deep Creek and our accommodation

is expected to go to air next month but click here for a brief preview.

Art in the Park

Nature and art - a perfect combination

Nature and art – a perfect combination


If you‘ve quietly held a secret ambition to try your hand at painting but

lacked the confidence to take those first steps here’s a great opportunity.

Not only does Deep Creek Conservation Park provide a wealth of scenic

inspiration but we have now also secured the services of Gilbert Dashorst.



Gilbert Dashorst at work

Gilbert Dashorst at work


Gilbert was South Australia’s Botanical Illustrator at the State Herbarium

for more than 30 years.

 In addition to his expertise in this highly intricate filed Gilbert’s work also

encompasses other media such as charcoal, pencil, water colours acrylics and gouache.

Come and join on an artistic exploration during the months of March and April.


Drawing inspiration from nature

Drawing inspiration from nature


The workshop will run over 3 hours at a location in Deep Creek

best suited to the conditions and desires that prevail on the day.

Gilbert will pass on his skills to you during a number of different

art adventure experiences, showing you and helping you produce

some beautiful artwork of either plants and/or other natural

wonders that you may find in Deep Creek.



Interpreting what you see - this could be you

Beats work any day

Priced at $150 per person this workshop includes all materials.

At the end of the session you can take home a piece of personal hand drawn,

painted, sketched or illustrated work of art, ready to be framed and hung.

Discounts are available for group bookings of 4 or more.

For further information contact:

Gilbert Dashorst at dashorstart@hotmail.com or Mob: 0432 372 235.