Looking for Deep Creek adventure? As Deep Creek Conservation Park combines rugged terrain, natural vegetation and a healthy marine environment it has all the ingredients for some great experiences.  Listed below are a range of outdoor and adventure activities to suit all levels of fitness be they on land, water or in the air.

Orienteering / Rogaining

Sometimes referred to as ‘cunning running‘, orienteering is a sport where competitors visit a number of points marked on the ground in the shortest possible time using a map and a compass.  Rogaining is similar although it tends to cover longer distances over greater time frames for teams of 2 to 5 people and incorporates the use of a base camp for hot meals throughout the event.  Deep Creek has been a popular venue for these sports as its diverse environment lends itself to any number of courses to be laid out.  For more details on either sport visit http://sa.rogaine.asn.au or http://sa.orienteering.asn.au


Combining hills, valleys dense forests and open grazing lands Deep Creek Conservation Park is ideal for a range of cycling experiences.  You can tailor rides to suit your fitness and equipment to incorporate a mixture of tracks and open roads.  Here are a couple of suggestions:

Ride 1: Starting from Deep Creek Conservation Park Head Quarters ride down to Tapanappa Road, turn right up the hill ride past Raywood Nursery, past the Boatharbor turn off , past Second Valley Forest until you reach Range Road (bitumen). Turn left and follow Range Road until Backhouse Road on your left. Following this descent down past Stringybark Loop Walk and back to Park H.Q to complete the circuit.

Ride 2: Starting from Deep Creek Conservation Park  Head Quarters ride down to Tapanappa Road, turn left and up to the Three Bridges Road turn off. Turn left and follow Three Bridges Road until the Blowhole Beach Road Intersection. Turn left and follow signs to Blowhole Beach until turn off to Black Bullock Road on left.  Follow this trail, cross the creek and come back to the Park Headquarters through the Stringybark camping ground.

Diving – Snorkelling

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned diver the waters on both sides of the South West Fleurieu Peninsula offer a range of diving experiences.  Many a diver would have had their first taste of the marine world by snorkeling the shallow waters of Second Valley Cove and the jetty staircase is an excellent starting point for a safe family snorkeling adventure.

Rapid Bay Jetty is famous for the diversity of marine life on display including the leafy sea dragon and has a scuba diving friendly platform at the end of the new jetty.  For more experienced divers there is a treasure trove of experiences at the scuttled HMS Hobart or the coves near Blowhole Beach.


Need a break – left or right hand?  There are a number of surfing opportunities in Deep Creek and adjoining beaches to access uncrowded waves in pristine waters.  All are best on a big south westerly swell with light north to north easterly off shore winds.

Blowhole Beach: A sand break with both right and left handers.  Best on a large swell coming around Kangaroo Island. Access by four wheel drive only from Cobbler Hill in Deep Creek Conservation Park (park fees apply).

Boatharbor Beach: a mostly sandy break this secluded spot takes some effort to get to but with surfing isolation has its rewards!  Access by four wheel drive only via Boatharbor Road in Deep Creek Conservation Park (park fees apply).

Tunkalilla Beach: a stretch of sandy coastline of some 4-5 kms adjoining Deep Creek Conservation Park this beach should be surfed with caution especially at the western end as there are a number of bad rips.  Access from car  park at the end of Tunkalilla.

Hang gliding – Para gliding

According to the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia, Tunkalilla Hill has a good take-off area with a very good bottom landing paddock.  This site often works on late afternoon sea breezes and produces mild thermals mainly during the summer months.

Other opportunities for hang gliding and para gliding exist at Cape Jervis and Lady Bay.  For more information and permits contact the South Australian Hang gliding Association https://sites.google.com/site/sahpgahome/