Walk in review – Deep Creek Waterfall from Tapanappa Lookout

Deep Creek Waterfall
Start of Waterfall walk from Tapanappa Lookout


One of the great joys of walking in Deep Creek Conservation Park is that

most of the walks are not seasonal and trails remain open throughout the year.

So it is with the walk to the Deep Creek Waterfall from Tapanappa Lookout.

The native vegetation remains lush and the waterfall flows at all times.


To illustrate this point we embarked upon this walk on a warm summer’s day morning.

The trail has been realigned in recent years to take full advantage of the natural contours.

This has removed the need for staircases.  The climbs and descents are moderate

in most places and well suited for families with a reasonable level of fitness.



Deep Creek Cove
A glimpse of the Deep Creek Cove


As you work your way around several ridges you will catch glimpses of Deep Creek Cove where it

meets the Southern Ocean. At approximately the half way mark good use has been made of the

natural landscape to create a stone bench and viewing platform.  This is a wonderful opportunity to

pause and take in the scenery across the valley.



Deep Creek Valley
Bench overlooking Deep Creek Valley


Upon reaching the valley floor much debris is till strewn across the upper reaches of the creek bed,

a reminder of the heavy rains and storms South Australia experienced last winter.

The mesmerizing sound of cascading water over rocks weaves its magic on those

who allow time to take it all in.  The waterfall is a great spot for

a bite to eat and was popular with families on the morning we arrived.



Deep Creek Waterfall
Deep Creek Waterfall in summer


On your return journey keep an eye out for wildflowers that bloom at

different times of the year.   Allow at least 3 to 3.5 hours to do justice

to this walk which is graded as moderate to hard depending on fitness levels.



Wildflowers in Deep Creek ion
Wildflowers in bloom along the waterfall trail in Deep Creek