Southern Brown Bandicoot (aka ‘Bruce’)

'Bruce' the bandicoot at the Ridgetop Retreats
‘Bruce’ the bandicoot at the Ridgetop Retreats


Prior to European settlement the Southern Brown Bandicoot was wide spread

throughout the Mount Lofty Ranges but it is now a fairly rare sighting.

Indeed, of the eight species of Bilby and Bandicoot that could be found in South Australia

the Southern Brown Bandicoot is now the only one remaining.

Fortunately, Deep Creek Conservation Park provides an important refuge for this marsupial.

They are predominantly solitary and nocturnal although day time sightings are not uncommon.

Typical life expectancy is between 3 and 5 years.



'Bruce' on the scrounge at the Ridgetop Retreats
‘Bruce’ calling in to say hello on his morning walk at the Ridgetop Retreats

Bandicoots are omnivorous but principally eat anything that crawls or flies in the insect world.

Their diet is further supplemented by plant matter such as grasses, fungi, fruits, and seeds.

Dense ground cover such as that found in Deep Creek is essential for their survival

with threats primarily coming from birds of prey, dogs, foxes, and cats.

During the past three years, the Ridgetop Retreats have become ‘home’ to

several bandicoots who live in the native vegetation that surrounds them.

Guests are frequently welcomed on their patio by ‘Bruce’ who is very inquisitive.

Check out this short video of him ‘on the scrounge’ here