Indian Cricket Team hosted at Southern Ocean Retreats


Earlier in the year we hosted the Indian Cricket Team as part of their preparation for the World Cup Series in Adelaide.  The team stayed at the Deep Creek homestead and the Ridgetop Retreats and spent several days combining sightseeing and relaxation with some of the more challenging walks in Deep Creek Conservation Park to maintain their fitness.

A quick walk down to the waterfall provided a great spot for morning tea and a photo opportunity before lunch. Later we took them on the Boat Harbour Circuit walk and were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins frolicking on the surf before completing this challenging walk.



Back at the Deep Creek Homestead the team wasted no time in cooking up a storm which we were kindly invited to. The aromas wafting down the corridor from the kitchen were mouth-watering and an indication of the taste sensations that were to follow.  Apart from the fabulous scenery the boys really enjoyed the privacy that this secluded spot offered from the media circus that follows their every move, especially at home.  A memorable visit.


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