Stringybark Loop – a walk for all seasons

Stringybark walk, Deep Creek Conservation Park
The start of the Stringybark walk has a fairy tale quality about it.


While some of the walks in Deep Creek Conservation Park can

be quite challenging not all require the fitness of a triathlete!

The Stringybark Loop Walk is a great example.  At 1.5 km

it is family friendly and can be completed in under 30 minutes.



Stringybark forest, Deep Creek Conservation Park
Smooth Xanthorrhoea leaves dance against a background of course stringybark trunks.



More importantly, the walk takes you past some of the oldest

and majestic examples of sclerophyll forest in South Australia.

Towering Stringybark trees provide a shaded canopy under which

other species such as grass trees (Xanthorrhoea) and delicate ferns flourish.



Flaming fungus in Deep Creek Conservation Park
The spectacular Flaming Fungus is easily overlooked


What is less well known is that this area contains more fungi than

anywhere else in the State.  At last count 247 species had been

observed along this trail.  The diversity in shape, size and colour

is truly amazing and has to be seen to be believed.

Winter is the ideal time to observe the fungi while spring will

reward you with a beautiful array of wildflowers along this delightful walk.



Fungi in Deep Creek Conservation Park
Fungi emerge in many shapes, sizes and colours along the Stringybark trail