Meet a local

Kay Maslin and business partner 'Jay Jay' of the Delamere General Store
Kaye Maslin and business partner ‘Jay Jay’ of the Delamere General Store

Small communities in rural areas are often described as ‘close knit’ by the media.

Perhaps this stems from the high levels of participation in volunteer organizations and

sporting clubs through which ties and friendships are formed.

 Perhaps there is a greater need to work together in order to achieve common goals.


Whatever the reason, from time to time we would like to bring you a profile

of a local identity to give you a flavour of the South West Fleurieu community.

In this edition we have a chat with Kaye Maslin, owner of the Delamere General Store

(aka the Mayor of Delamere).  Follow the link below for a brief video clip:

Interview with Kaye Maslin, Delamere General Store