Southern Ocean Fleurieu Peninsula

Deep Creek – Park of the month in March

Boatharbour Cove panorama
A panoramic view of Boatharbour Cove


‘Park of the Month’ is an initiative that has been running across

South Australia’s national and marine parks since 2015.

  It encourages people to visit, explore and connect with nature.

 One park is chosen each month with a range of guided activities

and ideas of things to do for people over those 4 weeks.


Park Ranger Simon Oster in Deep Creek Conservation Park
Park Ranger Simon Oster at home in his ‘office’ in Deep Creek Conservation Park


Activities include ranger walks as well as activities specific to each park

such as; wildflower walks, planting days, kayaking, snorkelling, and bird watching.

For each park Nature Play SA create a ‘40 things’ to do resource, together

with 10 great ideas to encourage people to connect with parks each season.

Deep Creek will be Park of the Month in March this year with a number of events

planned including  ranger guided walks, talks presented by ecologists, and yoga in the forest.



Yoga in the Park? Zen again, why not.
Yoga in the Park?  Zen again, why not.


As part of these activities Southern Ocean Retreats is offering the chance

to win a stay at one of our properties.  For further information check out

the Park of the Month web page here or Parks SA Facebook page here.



Goondooloo Cottage
Goondooloo Cottage, a perennial favourite with our guests