Wirrina Bluegrass Festival is on again!

It’s on again for the sixth year!

The Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival is a great opportunity to hear,

play and share acoustic music from Bluegrass and other related traditions.

This annual event attracts world class musicians many of whom

have come each year to perform as well as run workshops.

The festival will again be hosted at the Wirrina Cove Holiday Park,

just 80 minutes South of Adelaide, South Australia, on the first weekend of September.

So mark the date on your calendar: 1–3 September 2017. 

The 2017 festival program is now online! For full details click here.

For descriptions of this year’s bands and artists, follow this link Performers pages.


Starfish Hill Wind farm

Starfish Hill Wind farm

Starfish Hill Wind farm

The Starfish Hill wind farm was the first wind farm to be established in South Australia.

 Constructed in 2003 at a cost of $65m it consists of 23 turbines

across two clusters between Delamere and Cape Jervis.

They have a combined generating capacity of 34.5 megawatts of electricity

to meet the needs of approximately 18,000 households.

Each turbine consists of a 68 metre tower.  At the top of this sits the nacelle

which houses a gearbox that transfers the wind

from the 32 metre blades to electricity via a generator.



Starfish Hill wind farm tower

Starfish Hill wind farm tower

Some fast facts:


  • minimum wind speed required: 4-5 metres per second (16kph)

  • optimal wind speed: 15 metres per second (56 kph)

  • the turbines are shut down when winds reach gale force speeds (90 kph)

  • the blades rotate at between 11 and 17 revolutions per minute



The gearboxes were recently overhauled in situ to improve efficiency from 76% to 97%.

The estimated CO2 savings are put at 84,000 tons per annum.

Over the 25 year life of the farm this equates to 2.1 million tons.

You can gain a closer look and appreciation of the immense size

of these turbines by taking a drive down Yoho Road at Delamere

which is a short 10 minute drive from Deep Creek Conservation Park.

(click here for map)

Meet a local

Kay Maslin and business partner 'Jay Jay' of the Delamere General Store

Kaye Maslin and business partner ‘Jay Jay’ of the Delamere General Store

Small communities in rural areas are often described as ‘close knit’ by the media.

Perhaps this stems from the high levels of participation in volunteer organizations and

sporting clubs through which ties and friendships are formed.

 Perhaps there is a greater need to work together in order to achieve common goals.


Whatever the reason, from time to time we would like to bring you a profile

of a local identity to give you a flavour of the South West Fleurieu community.

In this edition we have a chat with Kaye Maslin, owner of the Delamere General Store

(aka the Mayor of Delamere).  Follow the link below for a brief video clip:

Interview with Kaye Maslin, Delamere General Store

2017 Festival Fleurieu almost here

It’s that time of year again! Time for the biennial Festival Fleurieu of the South West

Fleurieu Peninsula.

The Festival commences Good Friday and runs until the end of April.

During this time you have the opportunity to celebrate art in all its glorious forms against

the backdrop of our region’s beautiful scenery.

Why not visit the studios of local artists along the Artist Studio Trail.  There’s even a

Studio Trail Bus to take you around to some of the studios.

The region’s history and heritage is celebrated through a variety of guided walks, a

waterfall brunch and even a mystery tour.



For those with a literary bent the Festival offers a feast of prose and poetry in garden settings.

The programme includes a wide range of music events as well as family activities.

Last but not least be sure to nourish the inner you with the wonderful food and wine our region has to offer.

Events take place at venues scattered across the region’s townships from Myponga, Inman Valley,

Normanville and Yankalilla down to Second Valley and Cape Jervis.

Many events are free and the full programme can be downloaded here.



Take a walk on the mild side



Earlier this year the Second Valley Heritage Trail was

launched as part of South Australia’s History Festival.  This

is a self-guided tour and a trail brochure is available from

the Second Valley Progress Association.


The walk commences at the picturesque Leonards Mill in the

heart of historic Randelsea.



Highlights include the lookout over Second Valley and the

Statue of Fanny Lipson (find out why she was important).  It

then follows Finniss Vale Drive with sweeping views across

the valley towards the coast.  The trail concludes along the

spectacular geological feature that overlooks the bay and

jetty.  This is an easy and rewarding walk.  It gives you a

wonderful insight into early settlement life as well as the

beautiful scenery for which this area is renowned.



Indian Cricket Team hosted at Southern Ocean Retreats

Indian Cricket Team hosted at Southern Ocean Retreats

Earlier in the year we hosted the Indian Cricket Team as part of their preparation for the World Cup Series in Adelaide.  The team stayed at the Deep Creek homestead and the Ridgetop Retreats and spent several days combining sightseeing and relaxation with some of the more challenging walks in Deep Creek Conservation Park to maintain their fitness.

A quick walk down to the waterfall provided a great spot for morning tea and a photo opportunity before lunch. Later we took them on the Boat Harbour Circuit walk and were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins frolicking on the surf before completing this challenging walk.

Back at the Deep Creek Homestead the team wasted no time in cooking up a storm which we were kindly invited to. The aromas wafting down the corridor from the kitchen were mouth-watering and an indication of the taste sensations that were to follow.

Apart from the fabulous scenery the boys really enjoyed the privacy that this secluded spot offered from the media circus that follows their every move, especially at home.  A memorable visit.