Aaron Cove walking trail Fleurieu Peninsula

Aaron Creek Hike – the path less traveled

Aaron Creek Cove
Take a well earned rest at Aaron Creek Cove to absorb its beauty


Named after Aaron Bennett, one of the early European settlers to this area the Aaron

Creek Cove Hike commences from the car park not far from Goondooloo Cottage.

For guests staying at Goondooloo Cottage, there is the added bonus of just being

able to strap on a backpack and walk out the door to commence the walk.

The first thing you will notice on this journey is the abundance of western grey kangaroos

grazing the open woodlands (the first of many photo opportunities).  After about 30 minutes

you will reach the lookout at Goondooloo Ridge which offers wonderful views

across the gullies towards Cape Willoughby.  This is a great spot to have a rest

and catch your breath on the return leg of your journey.



Goondooloo Ridge Lookout
Goondooloo Ridge Lookout – a great spot to refresh

At the half-way point, the trail passes the Aaron Creek Cascade, a small waterfall that

flows generously in winter but is reduced to a trickle during the warmer months.

The trail then follows the gully floor as it winds its way out to sea crossing the banks

of the creek many times.  Along this section of trail you will notice an abundant presence of

the Arum lily, a native to Southern Africa that has invaded large sections of Aaron creek.



Arum lilies along Aaron Creek
Arum lilies – pretty but a pernicious pest

As the trail approaches the coast it briefly ascends to the top of the ridge giving

commanding views of Backstairs Passage.  Once at the Cove you will notice

the bright orange lichen on the rock formations of the cliff face which are typical

of many parts of the coast along the Fleurieu Peninsula.  The Cove is

the obvious choice for morning tea or lunch before commencing your return journey.



Lichen rock at Aaron Creek Cove
Spectacular lichen rocks at Aaron Creek Cove

For those in a hurry, the hike can be completed in less than 4 hours.  However, to do it justice,

absorb the views, take photos and stop for refreshments you should allow more time.

A reasonable level of fitness and proper footwear that offers full ankle support are essential.



Aaron Creek Cove
The rugged beauty of Deep Creek on full display at Aaron Creek Cove