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Locals chill at Cobbler Hill

Locals chill at Cobbler Hill


If there is one thing that is synonymous with Deep Creek Conservation Park,

apart from the breath taking scenery, it’s the abundance

of western grey kangaroos (macropus fulginosus).

In some parts of the Park such as Goondooloo Ridge

mobs of several hundred can be seen at any time.


Western Grey Kangaroos getting acquainted in front of Goondooloo Cottage

Western Grey Kangaroos getting acquainted in front of Goondooloo Cottage


A fully grown male can weigh up to 54 kg, leap close to 12m in a

single hop and reach speeds of up to 60kph.

They feed mainly on grasses but can also be found foraging

amongst leafy shrubs using their fore-arms to reach higher foliage.

The sometimes comical ‘boxing’ contests that can be seen in mobs

help establish the dominance hierarchy among males and the right to mate.




Gestation is typically 30-31 days after which the incomplete foetus

resembling a jelly bean crawls to the teat in the pouch.

Here it suckles for a further 130-150 days.  Joeys  leave the pouch

after about 9 months but continue to suckle for a further 9 months.

And the reference to curry?  Well, adult males have a distinct ‘curry-like’

odour giving them the nick name of stinker.


Kangaroos at Glenburn Cottage

Glenburn Cottage official welcoming committee

Well known South Aussie makes amazing discovery

Last month we had a visit from a well-known local, Andrew Costello,

better known as Cosi from South Aussie with Cosi.

Amazingly for someone who has travelled the length and breadth

of our State Cosi had never been to Deep Creek Conservation Park.


He was gobsmacked by the beauty of the Park and

couldn’t believe something so stunning was that close to Adelaide.

Cosi’s passion for all things South Australian is obvious

the moment you meet him and he is a great ambassador for our State.

South Aussie with Cosi in Deep Creek COnservation Park

Cosi on location in Deep Creek Conservation Park

The segment featuring Deep Creek and our accommodation

is expected to go to air next month but click here for a brief preview.

It’s Show time at Yankalilla.

Fun for all at the Yankalilla Show

Fun for all at the Yankalilla Show


Roll up, roll up.  Yes, it’s that time of year again when the Yankalilla,

Rapid Bay & Myponga Agricultural & Horticultural Society presents its annual show.

This year the show will not only feature traditional displays that reflect

the rural backbone of our region but also a host of attractions for all ages.



Yankalilla Show

Some of the entries on display at the Yankalilla Show


Be sure to catch the shearing demonstration by a member of the

National Shearer’s Hall of Fame.  In addition to show rides and market stalls

this year’s show also includes motorbike stunt riders, ‘radicool’ reptiles and a high jinks rock wall.

The Show runs from 9am to 4pm on Saturday 29 September and is held

at the showgrounds on Main South Road between Yankalilla and Normanville.

The official opening by Peter Goers will take place at 12 noon.



Main Hall, Yankalilla Show

Main Hall, Yankalilla Show

Special offer for our guests

How to cope with Christmas Crowds

Give me strength….   We can help you cope with the Christmas crowds


Need to build up strength before the arrival of the festive season?

If you’re not looking forward to being caught in a tsunami of Christmas shopping

we’ve got a special offer that will help you in your preparation.


Book two nights during the month of November at

any of our cottages and have the third one on us.


It’s not only a way of saying thank you for your ongoing support

over the years but it is also an excellent opportunity to

kick back a little longer before a busy time of the year.


Stringybark Loop – a walk for all seasons

Stringybark walk, Deep Creek Conservation Park

The start of the Stringybark walk has a fairy tale quality about it.


While some of the walks in Deep Creek Conservation Park can

be quite challenging not all require the fitness of a triathlete!

The Stringybark Loop Walk is a great example.  At 1.5 km

it is family friendly and can be completed in under 30 minutes.



Stringybark forest, Deep Creek Conservation Park

Smooth Xanthorrhoea leaves dance against a background of course stringybark trunks.



More importantly, the walk takes you past some of the oldest

and majestic examples of sclerophyll forest in South Australia.

Towering Stringybark trees provide a shaded canopy under which

other species such as grass trees (Xanthorrhoea) and delicate ferns flourish.



Flaming fungus in Deep Creek Conservation Park

The spectacular Flaming Fungus is easily overlooked


What is less well known is that this area contains more fungi than

anywhere else in the State.  At last count 247 species had been

observed along this trail.  The diversity in shape, size and colour

is truly amazing and has to be seen to be believed.

Winter is the ideal time to observe the fungi while spring will

reward you with a beautiful array of wildflowers along this delightful walk.



Fungi in Deep Creek Conservation Park

Fungi emerge in many shapes, sizes and colours along the Stringybark trail