Launch of new web site and special offer

We recently launched our new web site and visitors

will notice a dramatic change in layout and content.


Comprehensive property descriptions and pictures of each room make choosing the right place for you easier than ever and we have incorporated a ‘Book Now’ button for 24hr convenience.

Ridge Top Retreat


However, the new site is so much more than a place to book accommodation as we have tried to create a reference source for information on Deep Creek Conservation Park and the region in general.

For example, we have included a list of suggested itineraries both in and around the park.  All of the key walks are listed and maps and brochures are available in a downloadable pdf format.



For those wanting to explore the adjoining region we have also included some of the key attractions of the Fleurieu Peninsula as well as the best places to eat.

Still unsure as to how to fill your days? Don’t worry.  We’ve highlighted a range of activities from adrenalin filled adventure pursuits to the reflective calm of outdoor art, photography and bird watching.



To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Ridgetop Retreats and the launch of our newsletter we would like to offer past guests a 3 for 2 offer. Book a Ridgetop Retreat between Sunday and Thursday during non-school holiday periods until 30 March, 2017 and receive 3 nights for the price of 2. 

As a past visitor you would appreciate that this is a wonderful opportunity to explore the many attractions that Deep Creek offers at your leisure.  To take advantage of this offer simply call us on Tel 8598 4169 so that we can check for availability.



We would love to get your feedback on the new site or if you know someone who would like to subscribe to our newsletter let us know.

Jane and Barry

Southern Ocean Retreats

Take a walk on the mild side



Earlier this year the Second Valley Heritage Trail was

launched as part of South Australia’s History Festival.  This

is a self-guided tour and a trail brochure is available from

the Second Valley Progress Association.

The walk commences at the picturesque Leonards Mill in the

heart of historic Randelsea.



Highlights include the lookout over Second Valley and the

Statue of Fanny Lipson (find out why she was important).  It

then follows Finniss Vale Drive with sweeping views across

the valley towards the coast.  The trail concludes along the

spectacular geological feature that overlooks the bay and

jetty.  This is an easy and rewarding walk.  It gives you a

wonderful insight into early settlement life as well as the

beautiful scenery for which this area is renowned.



Timeless appeal of trailblazer

ridgetop - banner



Sixteen years after the Ridgetop Retreats first opened we look

back with the Architect, Max Pritchard.  It took a leap of

faith to build something radically different from the usual.


A retreat that was fresh, contemporary and relevant to its environment.

Check out this short interview with Max Pritchard in which he reflects

on the award winning design (apologies for the sound quality).

Dolphins call Deep Creek home

Did you know there is a thriving dolphin population along the coastal waters of

Deep Creek Conservation Park?  The Bottlenose dolphin is a common sight and

a good indicator of the health of our marine life.

On a recent outing to Boat Harbour we encountered a pod of in excess of 40

dolphins mulling around the Cove. Whilst looking for food they were putting on a

surfing show that would put Kelly Slater to shame.



The Boat Harbour Cove is a particularly promising venue to spot dolphins.  The

bench overlooking it on the Heysen Trail is a fantastic vantage point to take in

the panoramic views towards the Pages Islands.



Volunteers and scientists have formed effective alliances at Victor Harbour and

Kangaroo Island to collect valuable information on dolphins.  However, there is a

bit of a gap along the South West Fleurieu Coast from Tunkalilla Beach and

Deep Creek through to Fisheries Beach.


Whilst there is plenty of general knowledge available on the Bottlenose dolphin

which appears in many parts of the world less is known about their presence in

South Australian waters.  Marine scientists from Flinders University have

examined DNA samples which suggest that there may be a sub-specie of the

Bottlenose dolphin living in the Southern waters of Australia.



If you have the pleasure of encountering dolphins during a walk in Deep Creek

why not pause for a moment. Take note of the size of the group, their behaviour

and perhaps pass the information on together with any images to Kangaroo

Island Victor Harbour dolphin watch.


 This volunteer project is based on the

citizen science concept.  Information collected can contribute to forming a more

comprehensive picture of this fascinating marine mammal.